Advanced Hygiene Clean with Air Polishing or Guided Biofilm Therapy

If you have never seen a hygienist in our clinic, we would recommend that you book for an advanced hygiene cleaning with air polishing for your first hygiene visit. We will reserve 1 hour for this appointment, so you can discuss all your oral care concerns with our hygienist. During this visit, our hygienist will carry out a routine check on the health of your gums, oral cancer screening and an advanced hygiene clean and air polish. The brand name for this type of polishing is AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master and it is the latest EMS innovation for Guided Biofilm Therapy: a unique solution for caries, periodontal prevention and maintenance. This type of clean is suitable for you if you have heavy tartar deposits and stained teeth and it will leave you with brighter, cleaner teeth and healthier gums. We would recommend having it done twice a year unless advised otherwise by our hygienists.