Dental Implants Brentwood, Essex

Implants are an extremely popular, modern, and permanent solution to replacing missing teeth or stabilising dentures. Replacing missing teeth is important, as leaving a gap can lead to the adjacent teeth tilting into this area. Loss of teeth can additionally lead to bone loss, which inevitably affects the structure of the jaw.

Your implant dentist will first carry out a consultation to assess your suitability for implants. The treatment involves the placement of a titanium screw in your jaw and a new crown will be attached to resemble a natural tooth.

Implants can also be used for the retention of dentures and bridges. If you are looking for the best place to fit your Dental Implants Brentwood we are here to help.

Please get in touch and one of our friendly treatment coordinators will walk you through the process of placing and restoring your dental implants. We are here to help. Your dream smile never been more achievable. For Dental implants Brentwood Essex please contact us by filling the online form here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt to have my implant placed?
The procedure is painless as it is carried out under local anaesthetic.

There will be some discomfort once the anaesthetic wears off, but this can be managed by over-the-counter painkillers.

How long does it take to place an implant?
Implant placement should be straight forward and can take just over 1 hour. If you are having multiple implants placed or bone grafting is required, then this may take longer.

We will discuss your implant placement at your initial consultation so please call us to arrange your appointment.

How long will my implant last?
Dental implants are long term tooth replacement solutions. They can last many years however the longevity will depend on your oral hygiene, lifestyle and diet. We also highly recommend you have regular dental visits to have the implant assessed.

Is it expensive?
Please see our Fee Guide to receive a full breakdown of the costs. We have 0% finance options available on all our cosmetic dental treatments.

You can also call us to check the price list with our friendly reception team.

Will I have to wait to have an implant after an extraction?
Some implants can be placed immediately after extracting a tooth, but this varies between individuals. Please arrange a consultation to see what the best solution is for you.

Where can I get my Dental Impants?
CJ Dental Studio offers Dental Implants Brentwood, Essex.

If you have missing teeth or are worried about losing a tooth, then please do not hesitate to contact us.