Orthodontist Brentwood Essex

Here at the CJ Dental Studio in Brentwood Essex, we pride ourselves in offering face-driven orthodontics.

We are not solely focussed on just achieving straighter teeth, we work closely as a team to ensure that your brand-new smile perfectly fits your face, to produce a highly aesthetic and functional outcome which will last you for many years.

Orthodontic treatment will ensure functionality and longevity of your smile through creating a stable bite.

Orthodontic options have advanced over the years and there are many different orthodontic appliances available on the market, ranging from traditional, removable braces to more appealing invisible braces, such as Invisalign.

Here at CJ Dental Studio, we provide a variety of orthodontic appliances suitable for all your orthodontic concerns.

We try to deliver the best results to all our patients, and we are aiming to achieve great results without the need for dental extractions. We will only recommend having your teeth extracted for the purpose of your orthodontic treatment in very few cases.

You can arrange a free online consultation by contacting us, during the consultation we can discuss all the available options that would suit you.