Dental Bridges Brentwood, Essex

Missing teeth can often affect one’s confidence as well as changing the bite. Dental Bridges are essentially a false ceramic tooth which is bonded on to an adjacent tooth.

This is a fixed option, opposed to a denture which must be removed every night. The colour of the false ceramic tooth is very closely matched to the colour of your natural teeth, making it almost invisible.

Dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth; however dental bridges are a great alternative for patients who cannot have a dental implant due to medical, personal or financial reasons. For young patients who are still growing an implant cannot be placed, therefore a dental bridge would be an ideal solution.

Here at CJ Dental Studio we offer various solutions so weather you looking for replacement dental bridges in Essex or best dental bridges in Brentwood we got you covered. Simply call our friendly treatment coordinator’s team to book your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to have a dental bridge made?
A dental bridge will be made over a couple of appointments, as your tooth needs to be prepared and an impression will have to be taken. This will be sent to a dental technician who will construct your dental bridge. The second visit will involve the dentist cementing your bridge in place.

Occasionally we will require you to visit our technician’s office to perfectly match the shade of your natural teeth to the bridge. This will give you a very natural result.

Is it expensive?
For a full breakdown of our prices please see our Fee Guide or you can contact one of our friendly receptionists.

We have 0% finance options available.

How long does a bridge last?
According to scientific research on many patients, there is good evidence to show that dental bridges can last over 10 years if looked after correctly. This includes a good dental hygiene regime and avoiding a high sugar diet, as well as regular dental and hygiene visits.