Deira Simkute

General Dentistry

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU)
GDC No: 293180

Dr. Deira

Professional Background:
Dr. Deira qualified as a dentist in 2019 from the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU). Since 2021, she has been practicing in England, continually enhancing her expertise through various professional development trainings. She is committed to achieving the best possible results in dentistry, describing herself as diligent, responsible, and motivated.

Main Areas of Activity:

Treatment and Prevention of Caries:

Comprehensive care for children and adults.
Focus on preventing dental decay and maintaining oral health.
Tooth Extractions:

Skilled in the removal of milk teeth.
Proficient in uncomplicated permanent tooth extractions.
Aesthetic Filling:

Expertise in the aesthetic restoration of teeth.
Use of modern materials and techniques for natural-looking results.
Dental/Implant Prosthetics:

Specializes in fixed restorations such as metal-free ceramic crowns and bridges.
Advanced skills in creating durable and aesthetically pleasing dental prosthetics.
Removable Prostheses:

Restoration of lost teeth using full or partial removable prostheses.
Customization of various types of plates to meet patient needs.
Non-Invasive Treatment of Tooth Stains:

Utilizes the ICON system for minimally invasive treatment.
Effective in treating early-stage tooth decay and white spot lesions without drilling.
Teeth Whitening:

Offers professional teeth whitening services.
Uses safe and effective techniques to enhance the brightness of patients’ smiles.
Dr. Deira’s dedication to her profession and continuous pursuit of knowledge ensure that her patients receive the highest standard of dental care.