Dentures Brentwood, Essex

Whilst dental implants have grown in popularity over recent years, dentures still have many benefits in restoring missing teeth when dental implants or bridges are not an option.

Dentures are false teeth designed to restore the aesthetics and function of your mouth. They can look natural and allow you to eat comfortably.

Dentist Discussing Treatment with Patient

You can get acrylic dentures, which are made from a pink acrylic resin, or a denture made from a base of metal cobalt chrome.

Dentures can be connected to dental implants to improve the stability and retention.

Dentures will be uniquely designed to fit your mouth and take several dental visits to make.

Your dentist will discuss all of the available options during your check-up and will make you a personalised treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to have a new denture made? For a full breakdown of our prices please see our Fee Guide. We have 0% finance options available. Call us to discuss the payment plan options. Will my denture be comfortable? New dentures can take time to get used to, however modern dentures and made to fit your mouth and can be very comfortable to eat with once you adjust to wearing them. Can I easily chew/eat with my dentures in? Eating with dentures can often be a worry for first time wearers. New dentures will initially feel unusual as there is something foreign being placed in your mouth, however you should be able to eat comfortably with your dentures in. They should not cause pain when you are eating, if they do you must contact your dentist. To achieve better stability and retention you may wish to use denture adhesives, also known as denture glue. We highly recommend you start with a softer diet when you first receive your new dentures. How often should I replace my existing dentures? Your new dentures should last many years but it may undergo natural wear and tear. It may require a reline or replacement in the future if it becomes very loose.