Root Canal Brentwood, Essex

What is Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment is a dental procedure which is performed when the nerve supply of a tooth becomes infected, injured or inflamed. This can present as a toothache which is not relieved with painkillers. During the early stages of the infection, you may not feel any pain at all. Occasionally your tooth can become discoloured or darken over time, this could be a sign that the nerve of your tooth is dying off. This would require a root canal treatment.

Dentist Discussing Treatment with Patient

This can happen for various reasons, for example: Trauma, tooth decay, cracks, or placement of a deep filling.

Root canal treatment is performed over several visits. The procedure involves removal of the damaged nerve supply, disinfection of the nerve canals and lastly the placement of a root filling to seal the tooth. This will avoid future contamination. This procedure will relieve the toothache, however in the future your tooth may become discoloured from the procedure.

Root canal treatment has a very high success rate and sometimes is the only option to save your tooth.

If you present with an abscess you will need to take a course of antibiotics and have a temporary dressing placed in the tooth to relieve the pain. Once the infection has settled you will need to come back in for a root canal treatment.

The remaining tooth structure can be weakened following the root canal treatment, so we highly recommend having a crown placed on the tooth to protect it afterwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Root Canal Treatment hurt?
The procedure is carried out under local anesthetic, which means the area is completely numb, so the root canal treatment will be painless. The local anesthetic injection can cause some discomfort, so we use a special numbing gel first to make you as comfortable as possible.

How long will my tooth last following the Root Canal Treatment?
A tooth with a successful root canal treatment can last for many years. On average they can last 10-15 years, in many cases they can last much longer than this, with good oral hygiene and regular visits to see our dentist and hygienist.

The survival rates are much higher if a tooth has been crowned.

Is it better to remove my tooth?
We always recommend trying to save your tooth first. There is no replacement that is better than your own tooth. There are options to replace your tooth if you choose to have it removed and this will be discussed during your dental visit.

Will my tooth discolour after the RCT?
A discoloured tooth can often be unsightly. Not all teeth will discolour following root canal treatment, however if this does happen there are several cosmetic options to improve the colour of the tooth.

These options include internal whitening, composite bonding or veneers.

Will I have pain after the root canal treatment?
You might have some discomfort following the root canal treatment and between the appointments, however this is temporary and will subside.

What if the root canal treatment fails?
There is a 90% success rate based on scientific research. With dental procedures there is never a 100% guarantee of success, we will do our best to minimise the risk of failure.

If the treatment does fail there are many alternative options to manage your tooth. The options can include a re-root treatment with a specialist or removing the tooth and replacing it. Please arrange an appointment with your dentist to discuss the options.