Smile Makeover Brentwood, Essex

Have you always wanted to have a Hollywood Smile? Perfectly bright, symmetrical and correctly shaped teeth. You deserve to feel confident with yourself and that often starts with a smile. With modern cosmetic dentistry at CJ Dental Studio, it is possible to achieve a Hollywood Smile by having a complete Smile Makeover. A Smile Makeover is where you completely transform the shape, colour and overall look of your teeth and mouth. A Smile Makeover is far more than just a cosmetic procedure as it is also designed to improve the health of your mouth.

There is huge potential in dentistry to alter the teeth using modern, effective and safe techniques. Here at CJ Dental Studio, we have the latest materials to make sure you achieve the result that you are looking for.

Please contact us to arrange a free virtual smile makeover Brentwood, Essex consultation. The initial consultation will allow us to understand your individual concerns and will give us insight into your dream smile. Following the consultation, we can consider the next steps we need to take. A Smile Makeover can include a combination of various treatments, such as teeth whitening, composite bonding, veneers or realigning your teeth. We have carried out our Smile Makeover on many patients who achieve excellent results.

Whether you are interested in a mini or complete Smile Makeover Brentwood, Essex. please do not hesitate to contact our treatment coordinator, this is so we can prepare a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Prior to commencing your Smile Makeover at our studio in Brentwood, Essex. Your teeth and gums must be healthy and completely free of disease, we require you to have a good dental hygiene regime and regularly attend for check-ups. At CJ Dental Studio in Brentwood we do more than just filling teeth, we are passionate about creating beautiful smiles that can boost your confidence.

We cannot wait to hear from you!